Thursday, November 12, 2009

Winter Frost

A strange shiver tickles tall trees
A butterknife can cut through the smoggy breeze
The sunrays have enrolled for holocaust
The city is taken over by the Winter Frost.

Smoke rings spiral out of quivering tea shops
Leaves shed icy tears of frozen dew drops
Fireflies hunt for warmth, their goals so lost
Cold-hearted, aint it? This Winter Frost?

Pen touches paper and the fingers freeze
The chill refuses to let go, the trees long to sneeze
Even then, warmth trickles in, at Summer's cost
Maybe there is some hope within Winter Frost.

(This is what happens when you shut me in a cold room for over three hours of psychology seminars. I guess I ought to thank the girls who presented in class for having given me time for my creative catharsis! :-D It sounds very pretentious, if you ask me, but it describes Delhi's current weather so aptly! Ah, I've finally begun to look forward to more days like this, not for writing mundane poetry, but to really enjoy this Winter Frost.)


sneha said...

chilling.. :)

Srinivas said...

It was exquisitely written. I particularly liked the last stanza although the imagery and expressions all the way through was crocheted masterfully.

“Pen touches paper and the fingers freeze
The chill refuses to let go, the trees long to sneeze” – these lines are boda fide to the core as a friend would say. “The trees long to sneeze” is a particularly fine sentence. The opening lines set the rhythm and do far more too. Refreshing to read such stuff!

PS: I have experienced but a thin slice of Delhi winter and I thought I loved it!

Vaishnavi said...

@ Srinivas: Thank you! This is one of my first attempts at writing anything more serious than about my insane life!
And yes, Delhi winters are truly exquisite. Just today I was passing Rashtrapati Bhavan and on the far end, India Gate looked like she was shrinkwrapped in plastic! Blame it on the smog, but it does make Delhi look beautiful.

Nipun said...

I miss winters back home :( .. I'm from jaipur but delhi n jpr hav approx same weather .. I looooove winters .. This post made me remember the times wen i had difficuilty even holdin the pen durin the mid term exams in school , when the fog blinded my vision even from things which were just a few feet away , when every hot cup of anythin mom made felt divine .... phew i can go on n on.. Enjoy winters ! =)

Blessings said...

Hey...your poetry has gone on from simple rhyming to concrete meaning with rhymes...
It's a very good movement...And I think you ought to write more like this...they might end up in one of the OE classes in the future:)

Vaishnavi said...

Haha...thanks Blesy! But I always thought it is traditional not to pay attention in OE classes (especially poetry)! So what's your point, exactly? ;-)

No dude...more seriously, the weather here is fabulous...maybe some insane nerves have frozen over and I am able to actually write tangible stuff. :-P

vishesh said...

Hope is the thing which keeps us going :) Guess the only drug for poets is hope :P

nitin said...

you write well, either you are really a bubbly +ve person(the way you describe urself) or either you are a nutjob who perceives the world in a rather forgotten way. for your sake i hope you are the former.

Vaishnavi said...

@nitin: Thanks. The world around me describes me as the former, but an overdose of myself makes me feel like the latter. I think it's the combination that makes me work.

rahuls said...

Really a nice one. Especially
"Smoke rings spiral out of quivering tea shops
Leaves shed icy tears of frozen dew drops"

Karthikeyan Gopinathan said...

hi.. i really like the way you've made the so obvious things we all see around and make them so special :).. nice :).. i was introduced to your blog by your friend Madhuri :)... refreshing to read such stuff during exams :P